Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some summer

 Today is sort of my "last day" of summer. Tomorrow I begin some of my official school teacher duties, and next week, the kids come back and it's all systems go until next June. I've had a really great summer- very restful, relaxing and FUN! Some of the highlights were...

2302 Dijon Drive
Mumford & Sons in concert 
Myrtle Beach with my mom 
a quick shopping trip to Brooks Brothers in Garland with Grant 
watching Tour de France with Preston & Robin 
grilling out with Andy 
the first competition of La Copa de Felipe y Gato 
learning to road bike 
singing "Jesus Loves Me" with Sara while the tallest roller coaster in Texas climbed its initial descent 
soccer, soccer and more soccer 
Jesus the King by Tim Keller

I wish that all the good moments could be caught on film, but they can't be. Here are a few. It's been a good time. :)
Waiting for Mumford & Sons at the Circuit of the Americas amphitheater
A couple of days into the summer.. just beginning to look relaxed. 

We've LOVED getting settled into our house this summer! 
I spent most of the month of June in a book- here, And the Mountains Echoed is my focus while Andy puts kabobs on the grill
Gatsby loves having a yard.

On the Fourth of July, Andy smoked his first brisket. Here, he and Gats are getting an early start.


Even though we love staying at home, it was really nice to get to go up to the Howard family ranch for a weekend getaway. We had a great hike, grilled some delicious steaks, gazed at the stars and just slowed down, in general. 

Daisy enjoying the view from the porch. 

The ranch using my "watercolor" feature on my camera. 

There's been a lot of soccer this summer. I've been playing women's league, and we've both been playing co-ed, and we both got pretty into the Gold Cup. When we found out that the USA was going to play Honduras for the semifinal in Dallas, we snagged tickets. The game wasn't particularly exciting, but it was amazing just to be there and see the players live. Chanting USA! USA! in person was such an exciting experience! 

Delicious and not a tiny bit good for you! 

Mexico and Panama take the field for what turned out to be a really exciting game! 

When I was home this summer, my mom gave me this piece of stained glass that used to be one of the windows in the country church where I used to attend family reunions when I was growing up. It's nice to have a little piece of Antioch Methodist Church catching the light every morning. 

What would summer be without bugs! I caught this one molting one morning. 

I have had a LOT of fun this summer, but my favorite thing is to just be still and hang out in the backyard with this guy. :)