Monday, March 18, 2013

Random DR Moments

One of the things I love the most about going to the DR is that goodness is at every turn. Whether it's a moment that takes your breath away with beauty or laughter, a hug from a child or a student, whether it's a game or a song- the best that God has to give is found everywhere you look. 

Mi hija Dominicana

Last year, I met sweet Ruth at Makarios. I don't know of any other relationship in my life (other than my marriage) that was such an instant connection. Ruth was five when I met her, and she spoke another language, but somehow, we just "got" each other. A year later, I know that God timed our meeting perfectly. Shortly after our trip to the DR, Ruth needed a sponsor to keep attending Makarios. I responded to the tweet about Ruth's sponsorship hours after it was posted, and the rest is history. Andy & I love sponsoring Ruth because it means that we're connected to her and her family in a deeper way. The school keeps us updated on how she's doing, and what she's learning. We  pray for her regularly, and for her family, who we got to meet on this trip to the DR. God (and Robin) gave us lots of freedom to deepen our relationship with Ruth and her family this trip. On the last day, when I had to say good-bye,  I told Ruth that she is my "hija Dominicana", which means "Dominican daughter." Couldn't think of anything else to say. She's my girl. And, God willing, will be for quite some time.

One of the most precious things that Andy & I got to do was walk Ruth home from school a couple of afternoons. I got to meet her Mom & Dad, and we spent some time playing with Ruth and her neighbors at her house.