Saturday, August 18, 2012

What I didn't do this summer.

 I don't have anything profound to say today but I just wanted to reflect on the summer because, like every summer before it- It was here, and now it's gone. When you're a teacher and you go back to school, everyone asks one another, "Did you have a good summer?" and then the next question inevitably is, "What did you do?" And I've found that, unless someone went on a spectacular vacation, the answer is almost always, "Not much." I wonder if we teachers shouldn't ask one another, "What did you NOT do this summer?" I bet that we would get a lot more info if we reversed the question. So I thought that, just for kicks, I would answer the question in this way and write about what I didn't do this summer, and how bad it wasn't.

1. I did not wake up at 5AM. Not even once.
2. I did not grade anything.
3. I did not answer emails from upset parents.
4. I did not ever not have the energy to cook dinner.
5. I did not stay pasty white. ;)
6. I did not have to miss my mom so much- I was with her for almost a month!
7. I did not miss quiet time- not perfect on this one, but I did commune with God almost every day.
8. I did not love every book that I read, but I did read five.
9. I did not get so busy that I had no time to spend with my husband.
10. I did not miss many long morning walks with Gats & Daisy.
11. I did not avoid the media- I have been for two years for personal reasons- but after time to rest and renew my mind, I subscribed to Austin American Statesman and read BBC news almost every morning.
12. I did not feel guilty when I stayed in bed reading and dozing off until almost noon.
13. I did not drink as much soda or eat as much junk food.
14. I did not miss any opportunity to play soccer. (that I was in town for)
15. I did not miss many of the Olympic events- including watching Team USA Women's soccer win gold.
16. I did not stay in Texas all summer- spent time in the NC mountains and beach! :)
17. I did not stop desiring reconciliation and healing in the broken areas of my life.
18. I did not stop dreaming about how to become a better teacher.
19. I did not stop wanting to know Jesus authentically.
20. I did not rest completely- there was always something to think and pray through, but I did rest, and I'm more convinced than ever that this year I will need to rest in the shadow of the Almighty to not repeat some of the same stressful things and sinful mistakes that happened over the past two years.