Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The "Agony" of Defeat

Defeat is only agonizing when winning is the goal.

I talked to my Mom and Dad tonight, after the election results were in. He lost the race. My mother said, "We cannot say that we are disappointed because that would mean that we are disappointed in God." My father said, "I am not discouraged. I receive God's answer." and then proceeded to bless me and tell me to communicate to my husband how much he appreciates him.

I got off the phone and said to Andy, "I am rich." Rich in blessings. Rich in spiritual inheritance. Months of work, hope, prayer ended tonight, and in the echo of "defeat" my parents bless the Lord and my marriage. No complaints. No pity parties. No slander.

It's not because they are better than anyone else. My parents have become more and more completely aware of their poverty before the Lord in the past years of disappointment and trial. It's not that they are better, it's that they have chosen another goal, a better goal.

Defeat is only agonizing when winning is the goal.

But that is not their goal. So defeat is an opportunity to say, "To God be the glory for the things He has done." And to bless the Lord and others.

We sing this hymn in BSF from time to time. It is so true of my dad, who, as I wrote before, will judge one day- in the eternal Kingdom, where all things will be made new and disappointment and failure, defeat and falsehood will no longer exist. But until then, this is his goal, together with my mom- and mine and Andy's with them. This is our treasure, our win- tonight and always.

My goal is God himself,
Not joy or peace nor even blessing, but Himself, my God;
Tis His to lead me there, not mine, but His-
At any cost, dear Lord, by any road.

-Fanny Crosby


  1. Than you, Meredith, not only for hearing, but understanding and so beautifully expressing the principle.