Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Light has Dawned

Jesus is the Light of the world. A few weeks ago, when we studied Isaiah 9- "the people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned." Some wise woman in leader's meeting said, "Light dispels darkness. There's not a thing that darkness can do about light." So true. Light cannot get "put out" by the dark. Dark is the absence of light. When light is present, darkness ceases to exist.

I read my friend Elizabeth's blog today- a tribute to her friend Charis- a girl I've never met but have only heard of. I know her by reputation- a reputation of fearless love for the Lord, unhindered devotion to Him, trust refined by trial. Elizabeth's words about her caused my heart to burn with truth and conviction- light has dawned. Darkness flees when we shine before one another the way that Charis does, the way Elizabeth does- they're not perfect people, they're just bright, that's all. Full of the Light that came down from heaven.

So it dawns on me again- why am I afraid of darkness? Darkness has NO effect on light. Light is still light, regardless of the dark corners of the world. That darkness cannot put the light out. The light can put out the darkness. And why do I fear lies? What lie has power over the truth? Truth sets free. Truth is love in action. Truth is the fruit of the Light. So why do I fear lies? Why am I terrified of what does not exist?

God said through Isaiah in chapter 51, "Where is the wrath of the oppressor?" Where is this scary force of evil that has any power over the Light? What defines my life, really? Dark or light? Truth or lies? By grace alone, Truth and Light came to me- by His choice, out of His love, His mercy, His passion for that which was sick and lost and dying. I'm not afraid. Not of the dark. Not of the lies. I have more than that, and though the gates of hell may wage war against me, they've already lost. They can have my body, my life, my reputation- they may win many battles, but the war is won already. Light wins. Love triumphs. Lies are replaced by truth. Light has dawned.

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