Friday, May 20, 2011

Missin' you

I'm in North Carolina. I'll be here for a while because Andy has some super secret National Guard stuff to do. I love being home, especially since I'm spending the time filling in for my friend Danielle at Jack Britt while she's on maternity leave! There's nothing bad about being here right now, and hopefully I'll get a chance to write about great times with friends and family while I'm here. But the downside is that I miss my favorite person in the world- my Andy. So I thought I'd post a few pics from last weekend's kayaking adventure to remind me of him, which always puts a smile on my face.

Andy had an idea to make some artisan bread.

Andy's dough

Doggies and I are waiting for a taste, but it'll be a long wait. Andy let the dough rise in the fridge overnight.

Next morning, Andy gets back to work in the kitchen.

Doggies can smell it this time!

The finished product. :)


After playing baker, Andy soaked up some rays on the Colorado river.

'Yaking is so much more fun with our "outward hounds."

Andy and Gats went to say hi to a cow while Daisy and I look on.

Daisy got pretty caught up in all the action.

Cows don't like kayaks.

But Andy likes chasing them with his kayak. :)

After so much action, Gats needed a nap.

This was a really beautiful section of the river. I loved how the trees stretched out across the water.

Me smiling at the man who makes me smile.

I love you, Andy! Thank you for your endless help, patience and love. You are my favorite person in life. I miss you and can't wait 'til our next adventure together!

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