Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunset Beach

A beautiful new day dawns at Sunset Beach

Beach=read, even before you get out on the sand! Mom took this shot before I'd even had time to suit up for the day.

Mom & Dad

The new bridge to Sunset Beach. The old swing bridge allowed only one lane across at a time, but was more quaint. After more than fifty years, the bridge was moved to another location for preservation and the new bridge was opened. The island isn't quite the same, but at least you don't have to waitan hour to get on and off. Though, I tend to agree with what I read on a t-shirt that I saw at a souvenir shop. It read,"Sunset Beach Bridge 1958-2010. It was always worth the wait."

Can't ever seem to get away from these...

Time to head to the beach!

The only bad thing about this beach trip- no Andy. He's off making the world a better place right now. Still miss him, though.

I hated to say good-bye to the ocean this morning. I miss you, Atlantic. See you again soon.

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