Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Baby Boy

Usually, when I come home for a visit, I'm excited to spend time with people I know really well. I don't usually think of Fayetteville as a place to meet new people. It's a place to enjoy the familiar and sink into relationships that are already broken in, and just enjoy them for a little while. But, this trip, there is one exception. There's a new man in my life, and I wanted to spend a little bit of intentional time getting to know him while I was here this summer. His name (I think) is John Palmer Kells and I'm told he is about the size of a banana at the moment. I've seen a picture or two of him, and from what I can tell, he's going to be a cutie. I won't officially know until October, but I know that to me and his very excited parents- he is already precious.

Since I won't be able to be here for any official showers to celebrate baby Kells, I wanted to do something special for Lacy while I was here, so our friend from college Tracey came up on Saturday for lunch and a little celebration. Where there is chocolate, there is a party, right? Here are some pics from the day.

I made these cupcakes, even though Lacy & John aren't 100% certain that baby boy is going to be named, "John Palmer." Maybe seeing the name on cupcake flags will help them become more certain. :)

Lacy has spent many hours at the pottery place downtown. She made me a complete set of dishes with mine and Andy's story written in Latvian for my wedding present- best Latvian gift ever. So when she wanted to spend some time painting pottery to hang on the walls in the nursery, how could I resist?

Lacy's picking out plates- nice side shot of the baby bump.

Lacy & Tracey got to work right away! I needed a little inspiration, so I looked through some books for ideas.

I found some owl pictures in one of the books and decided to have a try at painting an owl for John Palmer,since I love birds. I'm not an artist by any means, but this was fun and relatively easy.

Tracey painted this boat, which was perfect for her, since she's a Coastal Carolinian.

And this tree was done by John Palmer's very excited Momma.

Even though you can't see it in this picture, Lacy is, in fact, barefoot and pregnant.

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