Saturday, October 29, 2011


John Palmer Kells, born 2AM, October 29, 2011. Wish I could have been there. Got this stuck in my head after hearing about his birth and seeing his picture for the first time! Gotta figure out some way to write it down for him in a way that's worthwhile, but needed to get it out right away!

For John Palmer Kells, on his very first birthday.

J is for justice, that's what you should seek. Be friends with the helpless. Strengthen the weak.

O is for open, and I mean your heart. Don't let fear close it, that's no way to start.

H is for humble, but let me impress. Do not think less of yourself. Think of yourself less.

N is for noble, a man among men. When others are quitting, that's when you begin.

P is for patience, a virtue indeed. Remember that time is what others will need.

A is for always, that's how long you'll be loved. As long as there's Heaven and God up above.

L is for laughter, may you always have much. Giggle & play, get dirty & such.

M is for mercy. Remember this well. Harsh words make love shrivel, kind ones make it swell.

E is for excellence. Always try your best, but remember that what's in your heart is the true test.

R is for real- to God and yourself be true. I am so thankful that there is only one you.

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