Sunday, June 3, 2012

Perfectly Normal Saturday

 After such a busy year of school, soccer, BSF and Kidstuff, Andy and I are taking some time to just hang out. But before the relaxing and summer fun can officially begin, we needed to be able to access our summer toys- camping equipment, beach chairs, kayaking stuff, etc. Everything was literally piled in the garage. So this weekend, our chore was to clean out the garage. It was sort of tough work, at times, but we enjoyed just having a normal Saturday at home- no drill or papers or games or anything. I realize how totally normal and unexciting this all is, but we used to take pictures all the time and never do anymore. So I figured I'd try to get back in the habit- even in the ordinary...

 We went to Goodwill and picked up these two "heinously ugly" pool blue cabinets for $12. They actually work perfect for housing Andy's wide variety of oils and cleaners he uses to work on the cars.

 What Saturday is complete without a trip to Lowe's? We got some stuff for the garage and I got a Bouganvilla plant.
 And what trip to Lowe's is complete without a visit to the hot dog stand? Hot dogs at Lowe's always remind me of my friend Hannah. She introduced me to the glory that is a Lowe's hot dog. :)
 After Lowe's we went to Sears to get Andy a rolling cart for his tools, but we stopped at the Farmer's Market that sets up every Saturday at Lakeline Mall afterwards and got some local produce.
 Andy was fascinated by this guy who was sharpening knives at the Farmer's Market.

 Before we got down to business in the garage, we took the doggies to "Yappy Hour" at our apartment complex. Really it was just a grand opening of the new dog park, but the doggies had fun. :)
 Makin' progress...
 The ugly blue cabinets work great for storage and will be a work space for Andy, as well. Notice his new cart beside them. He's super excited about it. :)
And this white cabinet was left by the dumpster, so I snagged it to keep our camping equipment. Now I don't have to dig through a plastic bin to find something. Hopefully we'll get a camping trip in sometime this summer... 
Andy is pondering what to order while we wait for a table.
 Our reward to ourselves after a hard day's work was a trip to Macaroni Grill. I got some gift certificates from students/co-workers so we had ourselves a feast!
 Keeping myself entertained while waiting on our appetizer.... I drew a picture of my new plant.
 And Andy drew a picture of his beloved- our 1987 Jeep!
We ate up pretty much everything. A good ending to a perfectly normal Saturday.

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