Monday, June 18, 2012

Explosive Weekend

This weekend Andy had drill. Andy sends me a link on drill weekends with Austin's "Weekend Piks"- things that might be fun for me to do with myself in and around Austin while he's away. I picked the Fredericksburg Trade Days. F'burg is my favorite place to spend a day shopping for random treasures, and eating good German food. The "Trade Days" happen once a month in a fair-ground type area outside of town.
Trade Days draws people who like to buy and sell crafts and "antiques" ;) It's a great example of how one man's trash becomes another man's treasure. I didn't buy anything, but there were some interesting things to look at. Like this booth where there was a disturbingly large collection of doll's heads...

I find that shows like this tend to be overpriced. Even this cactus (which I admit was beautiful) was over $100.

Bones. Weird. People buy this stuff?

Everything for sale- even the kitchen sink.

Trade days has some good eats. I had lunch at a place that smelled like brisket and boasted these Texas flag picnic tables. So Texan.
Lavender grows beautifully in the Hill Country.

Fredericksburg is almost always teeming with weekend shoppers and diners. It's a great place to get away for the weekend.

I had to pick up Andy's favorite treat from the Fredericksburg Bakery- a sweet German pretzel.
I don't know if there's anything you actually need for sale in Fredericksburg. There are dozens of shops full of unnecessary objects that are just for fun- like this little plaque. And the earrings I ended up buying. ;)

Jager Schnitzel, potatoes, sauerkraut. Ohsogood.
Andy was done with drill on Sunday, and was actually back in ATX in time for us to go to church and have Sunday lunch. Afterwards, though, we packed up for an overnight trip to Houston to see my favorite band of all time- Explosions in the Sky. I've loved this band for years, but have never seen them perform live, and even though they live in Austin, we had to drive to Houston to see them play. They haven't done too many shows in the past year or so, and they'll be overseas most of this year. So we were fortunate to get to see them at Warehouse Live in Houston.

Kinda dark, but this is me waiting for the show to begin.

The show was awesome- mesmerizing and powerful. Even Andy really enjoyed it- he even got feisty and told some Chatty Kathies standing near us to pipe down so we could hear the music without any distractions. Thanks for taking me, baby! It was AWESOME to go with you. ;)

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