Sunday, June 16, 2013

moving... a few silly pics

On Memorial Day, Andy & I moved into a house! We're just renting the house, but it's really exciting for us. So far, we really love it. But we couldn't have gotten into it without the help of some of our Hill Country friends- so LOTS of thanks to Jack Horton, Preston Glace, Tom Ebner, Cody McCourt, Robin Inks, Paige Womble, Jennifer Neumann, and Grace Neumann for all their amazing help! You guys are a HUGE blessing! :)

Tom helps Andy load up Jack's truck. 

Jack carries my "favorite" chair... 

After hours of hard work, Jack & Preston found Andy's stash of swords. Of course, there was a minor delay while they intimidated Senorita. 

Jack holds the sword to Preston's throat! 

Andy prepares to get involved in the fight! 
 Preston fights back with his iPhone...?

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