Thursday, September 23, 2010

He cares

I was at a park up the street a day or so ago. While I was walking along this cute little guy with a green bike caught my eye. He was probably about five or six, delightfully round faced underneath is helmet. He was getting off and on his bike and seemed frustrated. I couldn't help but kneel down and ask him if he needed help.

"What's going on with your bike?" I asked him.

"It's sticking at the wheel. And my seat is turning."

He demonstrated his predicament by putting his little hand on the seat and pushing. Sure enough, it rotated to the left when he applied the pressure.

"I see. Well, see that little round part right there? Your mom and dad need to turn that round part and it will make the seat stop moving."

"My mom doesn't know how to do that."

I couldn't help but chuckle at that.

"Well, maybe your mom or dad could get a tool to fix it."

This seemed like a proper end to our conversation. We smiled at each other, satisfied at the interaction. When I looked up, I saw his dad approaching, apparently aware of the bike's malfunction now and on his way to see what he could do.

I liked that conversation. My little friend was in trouble. He couldn't get where he was going because his bike was broken. He just didn't know how to fix it. And he didn't think that he should be able to. That's what I like about him. It might be why he caught my attention in the first place. Because underneath his sweaty hair and plastic helmet, his eyes communicated, "I need help."

I like this because I'm in the same boat as my little friend. I have some places I'd like to and need to go. But there are broken things that I cannot fix. Jesus said that in those moments, I can "cast my cares upon Him because He cares for me." It should be childlike. It should be simple.

"I can't move forward, Papa. Something is broken. I keep getting stuck." End of conversation.

He'll get me going again somehow. And I've got some worthwhile places to go. Check out what's on the agenda:

This Friday night, I'm hosting the girls from small group at my house for an evening of investing into one another. I'm excited about it.

Three weeks from now, my mom is coming!!!!! I am so excited to show her around Austin. I've already got a list of restaurants picked out. We're going to go to Fredericksburg and eat German food and go in the store with all the pretty chandeliers. And we'll visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. And have lunch at the Driskell.

There's also the sixteen ladies God has given me in BSF. What a journey to get to know them all this year!

And there's the matter of that book that I was writing...

I'm glad that I had that conversation with my biker friend at the park. We have a lot in common. Being stuck. Asking for help. And, most importantly, Dads who are willing to come alongside and do something about it.

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