Thursday, September 16, 2010

The season

I want mums. And pumpkins. White pumpkins and orange ones. I want everything to smell spicey. I want color. I want frost in the morning and something warm to drink in the evening, while I sit outside in a blanket and fill my lungs with brisk air.

I want fall. But I live in Austin.

Before I left, I talked to Lacy about the predicament that would come when the months started to end in "-er." "What will you do?" she said,"Fall is your season."

There's only one thing to be done when fall refuses to come- make believe. I must have an autumn, even if I have to make it for myself. So I am bringing fall into my home, since Texas weather is such a bad sport about the seasons.

I have a list of ideas, and, as I accomplish each one, I will share them! So what if the heat index is still 101? For this North Carolina girl, fall is as good as here. :)

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