Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting Ready to Roll!

Last week, Hill Country Christian School had a "week of service" for the upper school. From Wednesday through Friday, middle school and high school students went around the community and served in various places. Some groups went to schools, churches or summer camps to help wherever they were needed. But our group of "Dominicans," as Robin calls us, stayed at school and got ready for our trip. Here are a few pics of our prep work.
Robin called me "co-leader" of the trip, which was an honor, but I didn't come even close to doing the work she did to prepare everyone.  Here we are trying to get the kids prepped for the days to come. 

"I'm ready to pack" -Geoff

Some of the supplies we packed up for the Makarios school, and for the "Mak Community" outreach we did during the week.
Shoes for donation to Makarios

Karen, aka "Girafa", gets busy packing paper.

Courtney Mumme was in charge of all of the bags filled with donations. She did a wonderful job keeping track of everything!

Senoria Inks, aka "Pro Pro," looking very focused as she ties takes care of details on her laptop.

Jonathan is all smiles.

And Wermer was already tired after teaching AP Biology from 6:45-8:00 AM. We had to have early class so we could use the full school day to pack and prepare. But that exam is just around the corner...
On Friday, we headed to the airport at 6AM. Here's Bella, looking pretty travel-ready.

Preston did a little yoga to pass the time at ABIA.
And I reminisced some favorite science tutoring moments... like the time that Olivia and Courtney asked if they could pollinate me.

The "Chain Gang" together for the first time at ABIA on Friday morning.

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