Saturday, March 16, 2013

DR- Saturday & Sunday

First morning at the Mak house.

Kelli Hutchinson looking at the photos of the Makarios kids. We picked one photo to pray for before each meal.

My favorite coffee mug at the Mak house. Love abounds, and the coffee is amazing. All in all, a great way to start the day and the trip.

Preston is truly our little shutter bug.

Doug and Margaret (standing) are the host couple at the Mak house. Here, they're getting the Hill Country group oriented for the week.

Some seniors listening closely to the orientation details... but Tom and Jonny stopped to pose.

And looks pretty excited about his first day in the DR.
Saturday afternoon, we went to the beach with some of the kids from Chichigua, the Hatian batteye where a lot of the kids from Makarios live.

Sweet Grace and her little girl from Chichigua.

Riley is an HCCSA alum and was a member of the Chain Gang with Andy. Here he is with Wilner on his shoulders.

Burying one of the boys in the sand.

Then it was Sarah's turn! Sarah is a teacher at Makarios.

Andy enjoyed the water and playing with some of the kids.

Ashton and his little friend Michael.
Early Sunday morning, Pro & myself escorted the photographers (Justin, Jack and Preston- pictured here) to a hill about a mile away from the Mak house to try to get some sunrise photos. It was cloudy, so the pics weren't so great, but we had a great time anyway...


Mount Isabelle

While taking pics, I discovered the "soft focus" feature on my new camera- just in time to take some pictures of this "Unicorn" that we spotted. We laughed and laughed about our Unicorn spotting.

Sunday morning, we enjoyed going to church at Robin's home-church in the DR- Templo Biblico.

Andy & I with the Seniors at Templo Biblico.
After church, it was time to head to Caberete- the tourist beach. Here's Tom looking pretty ready to roll with his head out the window of the "Guagua".

Then Baley, Aimee and Preston wanted their pic taken too. ;)
Junior girls say "Yay for Caberete!"
Me with Paige and Bella.

Jessi tries writing a message in the sand.

But she wasn't very successful.

Finally she succeeded.
Then Jessi treated herself to some braids.

The finished product.

We did some souvenir shopping in Caberete too. Paige seems to be trying to convince Jack to do something with her, but Jack is being Jack and not relenting.

Oh, Preston.
It was rare for Andy & I to get any alone time on the trip. Even when we tried to take a walk on the beach, the kids gave us a hard time about going off by ourselves. Here, they called out to us as we were trying to sneak off for a walk.

We tried to go anyway, but it didn't quite work out...

Courtney ran in and interrupted our romantic walk on the beach.

"Hold my hand, Andy!"

Then Jessi came to help.

I wasn't totally thrilled.

But they were just teasing and eventually we got to go on our walk. :)

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