Monday, March 18, 2013


Chichigua is the Hatian batteye (village) where a lot of the children who go to Makarios live. Chichigua sits atop a hill and the view is incredible. These are some of the houses that the families live in. That's the Caribbean Sea out in the distance.

Robin usually walks groups around Chichigua for a quick tour when we first get there. This doesn't take long because the batteye is really small, but I wouldn't miss it- mostly because I love seeing Robin give gigantic hugs to her Haitian friends who live there. Robin spent a lot of time with the people in this village when she lived here, and the teenage guys who live here were her students years ago. They are her Haitian children.

I don't speak Creole, like most of the Chichiguans, but I do speak the universal language- football. I LOVE playing in Chichigua. It is one of my favorite things to do... ever.

Ronal (in the white t-shirt), is Robin's Haitian "son", and one of the most amazing people I think I've ever met. Here he handles the ball with incredible skill.

The rest of the girls in the Toucans spent time with the kids while Andi and I played soccer. Here, Baley is checking on Wilner. He wasn't feeling good that day and didn't come out to play with us.
Grace and Isabella.

I got to go to Chichigua a second time with the Chain Gang, which was really special.

Andy played a little basketball before the main event- the soccer match. The chain gang tied the Chichiguans 2-2, not too bad. Of course we had twice as many players.

Me and Ronal before the soccer game.

Ronal in my sunglasses. 

Good-byes in Chichigua are always hard. There's a lot of love there. And a lot of depth. Robin tried to give her Haitian son a hug that will last for another year.

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