Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chain Gang in the DR

Andy knew he was going to the DR to do some hard labor, but he didn't find out until he got there that the project was going to entail building a drive-way/parking area for the Makarios school. Andy and the rest of the team were tasked to level the ground, knock down a wall, grade and prep the ground and finally mix and pour concrete for the drive. Here and there, they did other work, like taking out a dead tree and found a little bit of time to play with the Mak kids. They worked tirelessly and selflessly, and gave God the glory... scroll down to see. 


On Thursday, the group finished hours earlier than they anticipated. The Mak staff wanted to "reward" the team by giving them a relaxing afternoon at the beach. But the guys opted to visit the village of Pancho Mateo, instead. They spent the afternoon playing with the kids in Pancho, even when they could have chosen to take it easy. Here's Andy and Jack- two of the hardest working servants I know. So proud of both of these young men. :)


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