Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pic of the Day- January 10, 2013

 It was Candy Meiosis Lab day in AP Biology. I had to take pics in between answering questions about homologs and chiasma, so I did the best I could. Even if you don't know a thing about Meiosis, maybe you can just enjoy that there's a little bit of sweetness in a hard day's work at Hill Country.

Armineh's Prophase had a pretty impressive bunch of spindle fibers forming (the pull and peel Twizzlers)

Preston got artsy (I think to give me something for my pic of the day)
Preston's final artistic product. I took a picture and then reminded him he's not allowed to be tardy to Spanish anymore after leaving the lab. Then he got to work on his Meiosis.
Just let the learning happen.

Matt's version of "I do what I want."
Metaphase according to Olivia.

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