Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pic of the Day- January 4, 2013

Yesterday I didn't have to work, but I still got up at 3:45 AM. Why? BSF leader's meeting- for me, one of the only things on Earth worth getting up at 3:45 for. We start at 5AM sharp, and spend the next two hours praying, training, worshiping together. It's always a little rough getting there, but it's a consistent highlight of my week because I enjoy the fellowship with the other leaders and the value of what I learn there so much.

But when I got home, I went back to bed! Hey, it was my last day of Christmas break, why spend it in the fog of only five hours of sleep?

Before I went to bed, I spent some time talking to the Lord about the anxieties I face as I go back to work on Monday. When I woke, I was singing the hymn "How Firm a Foundation"in my mind (we sang it at leader's meeting this morning), and almost as soon as I was up I began to sing it aloud. Specifically the words, "I'll strengthen thee, help thee and cause thee to stand, upheld by my righteous omnipotent hand." I knew that this was God's assurance to me that He will go with me into the new semester, if I will just invite Him.

I thought it was best to give the honor of pic of the day to the words of that great hymn.

And I got up this morning at 4:30 AM- because Andy had BSF leader's meeting and fellowship (his class, like mine, usually meets on Fridays but once a month meets on Saturdays so they can have time to eat breakfast together and share more about what God's doing in their lives). So why was I up? BSF breakfast casserole! I promised Andy that if he would tell me when he had fellowships, I would make a casserole for him to take and share. Last time, I tried to put the whole thing together the morning of the fellowship- and I ended up, literally, in tears, because I ran out of time, and therefore we ate an entire sausage and grits casserole ourselves that weekend. This time, I got wise, and while "Johnny Heisman" stamped out the Sooners last night (Sorry, love) I assembled the casserole, and then baked it this morning. I packed it up in my "Thirty-one" cooler thingy (Thanks Mom) and Andy was off to eat and fellowship and be filled with more than just that casserole this morning.

Thank you, Lord, for Bible Study Fellowship and how You use it in our lives to feed our souls and calm our spirits.

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