Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Newest time of the Year

Yesterday, Andy & I finished our travels back to Texas after a week in North Carolina. My dad is faithful to text us along the journey- something that I would have found tedious and not just a little bit overprotective as a teenager, but that I find loving and generous at 30- good things really do come with age.

Dad would send texts like these-

"Where are you guys now?"
"How's the driving going?"
"How's the traffic?"

And I'd respond with our location and ask questions about what they were up to back at home. It gave me something to think about other than the miles of interstate between our Ford Focus and either of the places that I call "home."

At one point Dad began to tell me how he is already excited about us coming home for next Christmas, which made me chuckle, even with his explanation that it is "The most wonderful time of the year!"

I didn't argue. We did have a wonderful time, and, if God allows it, we will have another wonderful time there in another year. But it made me wonder, and I texted Dad my query- "Then what is this time of year?"

His response-" it's the newest time of the year. "

Obvious, but I pondered the simplicity of the answer. I liked it. I like new- fresh starts, begin-agains, new goals, a start-up project, etc. I've written on here before that I don't like resolutions (too much pressure, too much disappointment when the are never resolved) but I do like new.

Although I did think about 2012 in retrospect for just a moment and was thankful that I wasn't compelled to throw the memories of the year out with the bathwater. God led the way in 2012 in many areas of our lives, and we count ourselves truly blessed and thankful for the peace He allowed in these most recent 365 days. But new.... new gives Him the opportunity to lead even more, and new means experiencing His peace and His presence in the days ahead. New means learning, changing, being transformed. New means giving thanks for the blessings and trusting in the trials. And it will all come in due time, but for now- since it is, as my dad said, "the newest time of the year" and a time that is generally set-apart for new plans- I'll share two new plans I have for my blog this year.

One- I want to spend time focusing on the attributes of God. More to come on why later.

Two- I want to share a photo of the day. My mom and dad gifted us with a fine Olympus camera for Christmas, which we were very thankful for because we haven't had a true camera for over a year. I know I won't add a picture for every day, but I think that adding pictures frequently will help us appreciate the beauty in the little things, and hopefully encourage us to go out seeking new vantage points- in more ways than one.

So what will you do with your new?

Black eyed peas to start off the New Year right!

Andy is enjoying his lunch at the Ole Sawmill Cafe in Forrest City, Arkansas.
Focus runs on gas. Andy runs on coffee.

Our good boy slept most of the miles away- sometimes (like here) he even slept on Daisy!
We stopped for gas just south of Texarkana. We had five hours left, but were eager to get them through. So this is our "dinner"- real food doesn't matter so much when you've been on the road for two days.

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